Our Story

Company history, about us and the future visions

HEC Point Group Company is a group company that was established in 2016 to operate in the fields of education and health tourism, textile, agriculture, import-export, and includes the brands of HEC Textile, HEC Study, HEC Medical, HEC Agro, HEC Travel and Bilkas Machine. Our company, which carries out its services by adopting the principles of trust, quality and the best service, has gained a rapid acceleration in the project management and organization processes it has carried out. Our company, which is among the leading companies in its sector, is in constant development and growth in order to always do better with its professional staff. Our company, which operated in only one African country in 2016, currently has offices and investments in Niger, Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia.




Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy, shaped in line with our understanding of high and sustainable quality, is the common denominator of all our activities.

Continuous improvement of our quality management system to meet the requirements of world standards.

Based on the total quality philosophy, the group companies achieve their goals in a team spirit.

Determining the approaches that will improve our performance by reviewing our activities with the evaluation process.

Supporting continuous education and employee participation in international fairs, seminars and meetings.

Offering high quality services and products at optimum cost.


Our Goals

We set success-oriented goals that are reinforced by our culture that cares about society and the environment.

We aim not only to exist but also to be the best in the sectors in which we are constantly developing.

We always aim to be at the forefront by making a difference with our innovative business approach.

We adopt continuous customer satisfaction as an indispensable duty with the high-level services we offer.

We consider social and natural life among our responsibilities and follow sensitive policies on social and environmental issues.




Your general application to our recruitment announcement will be considered for all possible positions in the HEC Point group of companies and you will be contacted if seen appropriate. Filling out the form completely and uploading your CV will enable us to reach you easily about our job opportunities suitable for your experience and competencies. Thank you for your interest and trust.

    Turkey (Headquarters)

    DRC / Kinshasa

    Kyrgyzstan / Bishkek

    Niger / Niamey

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